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There is a better way.


There is a better way.

An evolved approach to divorce.



Stay off the record.

Most people don’t particularly enjoy going to court. Being questioned under oath about private relationships with your spouse, friends, family, and your children can be an unnerving experience. It is equally unpleasant for your loved ones to be called as witnesses on your behalf. The formality of the courtroom often gets people in adversarial mode which can promote stress, resentment, and conflict. Out of court negotiations often lead to amicable divorce settlements and more importantly, are not public record…keeping your private life private. 



Make your own decisions.

When two people are unable to make amicable decisions about ending their marriage, someone else will make these determinations for them. The family court judge has the unenviable task of making crucial family decisions such as how much time each parent can spend with their children. Spouses who are unable to work together relinquish their decision-making power and give away their control.  Cooperation with your spouse keeps you in the driver’s seat when it comes to important family decisions.



Fighting is expensive.

Spouses are often forced to deplete assets, go into debt, and even raid their retirement accounts to fund a contentious divorce. Money that should be preserved to support the family and save for the future is expended to keep the fight going. Billing hourly, traditional attorneys earn more money the longer your case drags on. We have a unique billing structure that is not based on hourly rates. We tailor our fees to your individual circumstances and give you a straightforward cost assessment upfront.