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Spouses that pursue an amicable resolution to their divorce enjoy many advantages over a traditional divorce. To start, you will be able to work through the details of your settlement agreement in a more relaxed, informal environment. Who really wants to get dressed up and go to court to testify under oath about their personal lives? Approaching divorce as a private family negotiation instead of a public battle will preserve your privacy and reduce the stress caused by sharing your family business in a courtroom.

Another benefit is maintaining the ability to make your own decisions rather than having a judge make rulings. This allows you much greater flexibility in crafting the terms of your divorce settlement. For instance, Florida judges will most likely divide your marital assets and debts evenly between you and your spouse. In a marital settlement agreement, you can divide marital assets and debts as you see fit and even classify which assets and debts are marital. You give yourself more options and retain your control.

Finally, we all know contested divorces can be notoriously expensive. Defending motions, taking depositions, and undertaking forensic accounting can quickly drain your bank account.  You spend money on lawyers and other professionals so the judge can rule on issues that could have been negotiated more cost-effectively outside of court.

All of the benefits of an amicable divorce are glaringly obvious. Yet until recently, the negative reputation of divorce has held back the progress of the amicable divorce process. To be clear, “amicable” does not necessarily mean easy or simple. All divorces are difficult. Amicable can be generally applied to the strategy of resolving the issues surrounding your divorce.  Thus, you and your spouse can begin the divorce process by amicably agreeing that it serves both of your interests to keep your divorce as private as possible, make your own decisions, and save money in the process. Spouses that can’t agree to these basic points will probably not have an amicable divorce.

Our goal is to change the way spouses, their attorneys, and the courts approach divorce and in the process provide you with more intelligent solutions to your family law matters.