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How is Child Support Calculated in Florida?

Child support is considered the right of the child(ren) not the receiving spouse. Child support is calculated via statute in Florida. The Florida child support guidelines are used to determine the child support obligation of spouses in all St. Petersburg child support cases. There are many other factors in addition to the guidelines that may affect the final child support amount to be paid.

Some factors include:

  • How much is spent on health insurance.
  • How much is spent on childcare.
  • The cost of non-covered medical, dental, and prescription payments.
  • Special needs of a minor child.
  • Many other special considerations which allow for deviation from the child support guidelines.

When the parent paying child support spends at least 20% of the overnights per year with a child, the child support may be reduced. Having the experience and knowledge of the statutory factors that work to your benefit is crucial to ensuring that child support is properly set.

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