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St. Petersburg Collaborative Divorce Attorney

The purpose of collaborative law is to encourage the peaceful resolution of family law disputes without court intervention. Collaborative divorce is a form of limited scope representation in that the collaborative attorney only represents his or her client in negotiations with the goal of reaching an out of court settlement. Before representing a client in a collaborative matter, the lawyer must fully inform the client of the process, the expectations of full disclosure, and inquire regarding any history of coercive or violent relationships such as domestic violence between the parties. Unfortunately, spouses with such a volatile history do not tend to benefit from the collaborative process.

How Does Collaborative Divorce Work?

Each spouse will hire a collaboratively trained attorney to represent their interests in the collaborative divorce. The four parties (two spouses and their lawyers) will all sign a participation agreement which outlines, among other things, that they have been fully informed about the collaborative process and will make full disclosure during the process. Often times, though not required, the parties will hire mutually agreed upon experts such as a parenting facilitator or a financial expert to help guide the process along.

An important aspect of collaborative law is that the process will terminate if any participating client initiates a court proceeding or seeks court intervention related to the collaborative law matter. The collaborative attorneys will be discharged and barred from representing the clients in any action related to the collaborative matter. The spouses will then have to retain new attorneys that will litigate their issues.

The collaborative process has many benefits compared to a traditional litigated divorce, but is not the right solution for everyone. It is important that anyone considering undertaking a collaborative divorce have the guidance of an experienced collaborative divorce attorney. Contact Progressive Divorce today for your free confidential consultation to discuss the options for your St. Petersburg collaborative divorce.

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