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St. Petersburg Unbundled Legal Services

Although it has a strange sounding name, discrete task representation, often called unbundled legal services or limited scope representation, is an extremely valuable resource for anyone facing Florida family law proceedings. The underlying purpose of Florida divorce law regarding unbundled legal services is simply to enhance access to justice. It allows individuals in family law cases to receive legal assistance or limited in-court representation on specific portions of their cases without having to hire a traditional full-service attorney. The outcome is that otherwise unrepresented family law litigants often receive more fair, efficient, and cost-effective solutions to their family law matters.

Representing Yourself in Divorce in St. Petersburg

Most of the pleadings filed in family court are on the Florida Supreme Court forms, as nearly 80% of cases have a self-represented litigant on one side; 65% have self-represented litigants on both sides. Misinformed/ inexperienced self-represented litigants have caused a burden both on their individual cases and on the divorce court system as a whole. Many of these litigants do not realize that they can hire an experienced family law attorney in a limited scope to guide them through their divorce proceedings. The brief involvement of an experienced family law attorney can make the divorce process go much more smoothly and often secure more favorable outcomes.

At Progressive Divorce we offer a variety of discrete task services including:

  • Drafting or answering a petition for dissolution of marriage
  • Negotiating with your spouse or opposing attorney
  • Appearing with you at mediation
  • Filling out Florida Supreme Court Family Law Forms
  • Responding to discovery requests
  • Drafting letters or correspondence
  • Preparing you to represent yourself in court
  • Preparing you for or attending a deposition
  • Researching legal issues and preparing memorandum of law
  • Reviewing pleadings or a marital settlement agreement
  • Reviewing financial affidavits and child support guideline worksheets

We take pride in crafting legal solutions tailored to the particular circumstances and needs of each client. Contact Progressive Divorce today for your free confidential consultation to discuss discrete task representation.

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