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Florida LBGT Law

Although Florida law lags woefully behind other jurisdictions, there have been recent advances in family law regarding LBGT individuals. At Progressive Divorce, we are dedicated to working with our lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender clients here in St. Petersburg. If you are a same sex spouse or partner, you have rights under Florida law and we are committed to strongly advocating for you.

Same Sex Family Law in St. Petersburg

A few examples of how Florida law has been applied in family law matters involving LGBT individuals:

  • The Florida Supreme Court has given unmarried same sex parents the same rights and responsibilities as unmarried parents of different sexes under paternity law.
  • The Florida Supreme Court compared the rights of an unmarried father under paternity law to the rights of a biological mother on the breakup of her relationship with the birth mother.
  • A valid marriage in another jurisdiction is recognized in Florida even though the marriage would not be valid under Florida law had it occurred in Florida.
  • A Florida court is required to give full faith and credit to an adoption judgment entered in a foreign state, although the biological mother of the child and the adoptive parent are a same sex couple for the purposes of determining parental responsibility, contact, and support as to the adoptive child.

LBGT Family Law Attorney in St. Petersburg

LBGT law in Florida is an evolving process which can often be complicated, and it is important that anyone needing legal assistance in this area have the guidance of an experienced family law attorney. Contact Progressive Divorce today for a free confidential consultation to discuss all of your LBGT family law questions.

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