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St. Petersburg Marital Settlement Agreement Lawyer

For years family law judges have been urging divorcing spouses to make their own decisions rather than live with the decisions that are externally imposed upon them by the court. This is the principle of self-determination. Marital settlement agreements are the cornerstone of this principle and of the amicable divorce. Divorcing is difficult, but the good news is that spouses have wide latitude in making their own agreements. In addition to the benefit of giving spouses much greater control, marital settlement agreements carry more weight than court orders. Parties can make agreements that go beyond that which the court has the authority to order.

Only a small percentage of divorce cases will actually go to trial. The vast majority of cases will settle. Even many of the most drawn out, contentious dissolution of marriage cases will eventually end with a signed martial settlement agreement. Step back, take a hard look at what you are fighting for and ask yourself if the stress, time, and money is really worth what you might gain should you prevail. How much of your time and energy will be wasted battling in a courtroom before you inevitably end up with an agreement?

Marital settlement agreements are extremely powerful tools, and as such they are also complex. Unfortunately, they are often poorly drafted by unrepresented parties or inexperienced attorneys. This may lead to future disagreements, litigation, or worse; being bound by a bad agreement. We have drafted hundreds of comprehensive marital settlement agreements over the past 12 + years of family law practice, each one tailored to the specific needs of the individual client. Contact Progressive Divorce today for a free confidential consultation to discuss how a marital settlement agreement can resolve your family law matters and help you move on with your life. 

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