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Divorce Mediation in Florida

Mediation is a negotiation with the aid of a neutral person who is approved by both parties. Negotiation is a voluntary meeting in which the parties identify issues of concern, develop, analyze, and discuss solutions to reach an agreement acceptable to each party without court intervention. The goal of the mediator is to facilitate the negotiation process. In mediation, a neutral third party (the mediator) works with you and your spouse to help you find solutions that are mutually acceptable.

Mediation is based on concepts of open communication, negotiation, and problem-solving that emphasize the principle of self-determination. Thus, the mediator works to resolve all of your issues, however the mediator does not take testimony or make legal determinations or rulings. The ultimate decision-making authority rests solely with the parties. Our St. Petersburg mediation attorney can help arrange a neutral third-party mediator to assist you in reaching an amicable agreement with your spouse. We can also represent you in a proceeding with a mediator, or we can simply help you prepare to represent yourself in mediation. Contact Progressive Divorce today for a free confidential consultation to discuss your St. Petersburg divorce mediation.

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