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St. Petersburg Alimony Modification

After a final judgment of dissolution of marriage is issued the parties are bound to abide by the terms of their marital settlement agreement and/or the court’s order. However, as times passes circumstances can change and there are several situations where modification of alimony, modification of child support, or the modification of a parenting plan are justified. The general standard used is that a substantial, unexpected, and involuntary change of circumstances has occurred since the final judgment. Some examples of such situations are a substantial increase or decrease in income, health issues, retirement, cohabitation, and remarriage.

Cohabitation as a Basis for Alimony Modification

In Florida we have a supportive relationship statute that generally states if you are receiving alimony from your previous spouse and later decide to live with your new partner you may be placing your alimony award in jeopardy. Living together is not an automatic ground for modification, there are of course factors that are considered. The comingling of funds between you and you new partner is one of these factors. Generally, if you are paying your own bills and keeping your income and assets separate you have a good argument that you are not in a supportive relationship as defined by the statue.

Job Loss and Alimony Modification

Losing your job may be a valid basis for modification of your alimony obligation, however loss of employment must still be substantial, unexpected, and involuntary. This can be a complicated area of family law often involving the testimony of vocational evaluators and expensive litigation. As with all areas of family law, modifications of any divorce agreement or court order are best approached initially with a cooperative attempt at settlement.

In addition to the examples above there are numerous situations and factors that are considered in alimony modification and the assistance of an experienced family law attorney to guide you is essential. Contact Progressive Divorce today to arrange a free confidential consultation with a St. Petersburg alimony modification attorney.

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