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Relocating with Minor Children After a Divorce

Florida is a transient state. Many Florida residents grew up in other parts of the country, and thus have extended family and support in other states. During a divorce, as in other times of stress in our lives, it is natural and expected that we reach out to our extended family and friends seeking support and guidance. When two parents are in a conflict with each other, the lack of financial and or emotional support will often prompt one or both parents to go back to a supportive environment elsewhere. These common human traits that we all can relate to, are often the driving forces behind family law relocation issues.

Long Distance Parenting Plan

Amicable agreement on relocation can be difficult, but is far from impossible. There are several strategies parents can use to help ease the transition to a new location. There are also various resources to facilitate the process of relocation, such as parenting coordinators and other counselors. Should parents agree to a relocation, they would submit a revised parenting plan to the court with updated parental responsibility and timesharing agreements. Long distance parenting plans are used to outline the terms of the agreement. Parents that can come to an amicable resolution keep their personal power and control to determine how important timesharing decisions are made. Although parental cooperation regarding relocation is always preferred, relocating with minor children after a divorce is often a complex and contentious issue that requires an experienced family law attorney.

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